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HS DATCP MSP 2019 (pdf)

This is a continuing project with the Multi State Partnership (MSP) in Agriculture. DATCP will be working with partner states to combine resources in order to provide MSP Secure Food Train the Trainer training and exercise preparation for Tabletop, Functional and Full Scale exercises involving all partner states in order to build on previous exercises and plans. This portion of funding, along with other MSP member funding, will assist in support of these endeavors.
HS Whole Community Preparedness Coordinator 2019 (pdf)

This grant will sustain a full-time project position at Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) Bureau of Planning and Preparedness to promote whole community preparedness across the state. The coordinator will support the state's existing and newly developed public/private partnership initiatives and work extensively with the business sector on preparedness efforts along with the Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC).
HS Exercises 2020 (pdf)

This grant will continue to support a competitive grant program for exercise contractor support, supplies, and travel costs for county and tribal exercises. County and Tribal exercises are critical to test local plans, train local emergency responders, and enhance local capabilities.

Resources for Federally Funded Grants

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