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HS STAC Infrastructure Protection Analyst 2020 (2021) (pdf)

WEM will provide grant funds to Southeastern Threat Analysis Center (STAC) for the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Intelligence Analyst position. This position will collect, research, and analyze threats relating to critical infrastructure for the STAC Area Of Responsibility and surrounding area; present briefings to key personnel and agency partners; provide support to the STAC's public and private sector partners; assist in Terrorism Liaison Officer fundamental training, production of STAC intelligence products, and other various information and intelligence briefings. In addition, this position will coordinate with local, public, and private sector facility representatives with site visits and assessments to provide vulnerability assessments and related resources in the furtherance of the National Preparedness Goals Core Capabilities of Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, and to further the information sharing mission of the STAC.


HS STAC Operations 2020 (2021) (pdf)

WEM will provide grant funds to help maintain the Southeastern Wisconsin Threat Analysis Center's (STAC) certifications, and capabilities. Funds will be used for travel/training, equipment, and operational costs such as software. The technology software will provide the STAC the ability to maintain staff certifications and capabilities.

The STAC is considered to be an all crimes, all threats, information sharing fusion center for the eight counties in southeastern Wisconsin and the state as a whole. The STACs mission is to gather, receive, analyze, and disseminate relevant information and intelligence to various law enforcement, fire service, emergency management, public health, military, and private sector partners in a concise and expedient manner to effectively protect the citizens.


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