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Mobile Field Force - Gas Mask 2020 (pdf)

This Mobile Field Force (MFF) grant is intended to enhance and better equip current MFF Teams with a priority offering to recent newly created MFF 2018-2019 Teams. Teams should be willing to be a regional and or statewide asset under Wisconsin mutual aid statute request. WEM will provide grant funds for eligible equipment being gas mask (CBRN respirator) and related equipment supporting the mask deployment i.e. canister, filter, and tactical mask bag.

HS DATCP Radio Equipment 2018 (pdf)

Funds will be used by the Wisconsin DATCP for the procurement of radio equipment that will assist in closing gaps identified during the 2015 Wisconsin High Pathogen Avian Influenza (HPAI) response. This equipment will allow DATCP to better perform field response operations prior to receiving US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other federal and state agency assistance.

HS Digital Orthoimagery & Elevation Data 2019 (pdf)

This funding will be used to purchase updated imagery to enhance the ability to provide situational awareness and operational coordination among state agencies as well as local and federal partners.

The Wisconsin Regional Orthoimagery Consortium (WROC) is a multi-entity group working towards building and sustaining a digital orthoimagery and elevation data throughout Wisconsin. This data is the basic foundation for geographic information systems (GIS). Forming this base layer then allows additional data layers to be created combining aerial images with geometric qualities of a map which provides a valuable information during response and recovery functions.

Wisconsin Hazardous Materials Response System (WHMRS) Equipment Grant (pdf)

The Wisconsin Hazardous Materials Response System (WHMRS) Equipment Grant program authorizes the division to award grants to local agencies with which the division contracts with for Hazardous Materials Response System Services. The purpose of the grants is to fund the replacement of equipment used in emergency responses to releases of hazardous substances pursuant to the Contract for WHMRS services.


Resources for Federally Funded Grants

WEM will not be able to award sub-grants if an agency does not have an active Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number and an active Unique Entity Identifier and System for Award Management (SAM).

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For more information about how to register in SAM, please access this guide

For more information about FEMA's grant policy and implementation for preparedness grants, please access this manual.


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