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Apply for FMLA

Once you know you need to take a leave of absence that will be covered by the Wisconsin and/or Federal Family and Medical Leave Acts, you should contact your supervisor and/or Risk Officer so they can provide you the proper paperwork and determine how much paid leave you have available for use.


In order to be eligible for family and medical leave, you need to work a specific number of hours during the year. For eligibility purposes, all State of Wisconsin agencies, including the University of Wisconsin System are considered one employer.


You must have worked for the State for at least:

  • 52 consecutive weeks; and
  • 1,000 hours during the preceding 52-week period. Paid leave used counts towards the 1,000 worked.


You must have worked for the State for at least:

  • 12 months (months do not need to be consecutive); and
  • 1,250 hours during the preceding 12-month period. Only actual hours worked count towards the 1,250 hours.

Eligibility for WFMLA and FMLA is determined by considering all hours worked up to your first day of leave

DOA Form 15336 Fitness For Duty Certification – Return To Work Release.

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