Joint Force Headquarters

The Wisconsin Constitution designates the governor as the commander in chief of the Wisconsin National Guard. The department is directed by the adjutant general, who is appointed by the governor for a 5-year term and may serve successive terms. The adjutant general must be an officer actively serving in the Army or Air National Guard of Wisconsin who has attained at least the rank of colonel and is fully qualified to hold the rank of major general in either the Army or Air National Guard.

In addition to state support, the Wisconsin National Guard is also funded and maintained by the federal government, and when it is called up in federal active duty status, the President of the United States becomes its commander in chief. The federal government provides arms and ammunition, equipment and uniforms, major outdoor training facilities, pay for military and support personnel, and training and supervision. The state provides personnel; conducts training as required under the National Defense Act; and shares the cost of constructing, maintaining, and operating armories and other military facilities.

The composition of Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard units is authorized by the U.S. Secretary of Defense through the National Guard Bureau. All officers and enlisted personnel must meet the same physical, education, and other eligibility requirements as members of the active duty U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force.


Wisconsin National Guard Leadership