Wisconsin National Guard Leadership Commitment to Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are dynamic ideas that require long-term strategic thinking at all levels of the organization. The Wisconsin National Guard (WING) is proud of its commitment to promote diversity and provide an environment where each individual is respected, honored, supported, and rewarded based on personal achievement and contribution. We strive to ensure our Soldiers and Airmen work in an atmosphere that is open, creative, and inspires the best in terms of effort and results. Within the WING, each individual has equal opportunity and is encouraged to achieve his or her full potential. Human and cultural differences do not interfere, but enhance our ability and willingness to recognize, support and reward. As leaders, we understand that people are different and we make it a point to appreciate the uniqueness of our team members. The establishment of our Joint Diversity Council demonstrates our commitment to diversity and confirms our allegiance to continuous improvement.

Diversity is a force multiplier and is an integral part of our mission. Achieving a truly inclusive environment requires the personal commitment and support of each member of the WING. While the Joint Diversity Strategic Plan provides the roadmap to ensure success, we need YOUR support in this effort to help make certain the WING is the organization we envision it to be.